Michigan Hosts Davenport, EMU, and Spring Arbor in Sevens Friendly

Zach Kendall avoids a Spring Arbor player en route to a try

A week after the UMRFC’s last 15s match against Michigan State marked Michigan Rugby’s first sevens contest of the fall. With just three practices to adapt to the strategical changes in this variation of rugby, Michigan took on the likes of Davenport, Eastern Michigan, and Spring Arbor. The event was intended to be a competitive but educational experience for both new players and those representing the UMRFC at the Big Ten Sevens Tournament in Columbus this upcoming Saturday. While there were still many kinks to be worked out, there were many upsides. One surprise of the day came from prop, Nelson Worner, who in his first day of sevens scored a team leading six tries.

When asked about his stellar performance, Worner simply replied, “Prop Life.”

Davenport kicks off to Michigan’s C-side.

Scores from Saturday can be seen below. The UMRFC will take on Indiana and Northwestern in their pool at the Big 10 Sevens Tournament this weekend in Columbus. If you can’t make it down for the tourney, check in with our Twitter for score updates.

11:00 UM-A 55, Spring Arbor-A 0
11:20 EMU 0, Davenport-A 67
11:40 Dav-B 42, UM-B 0
12:00 UM-C 17, SA 19
12:20 UM-A 7, Dav-A 29
12:40 EMU 0, UM-B 21
1:00 Dav-B 67, UM-C 0
1:20 Dav-A 62, SA-A 0
1:40 UM-A 55, EMU-A 0
2:00 UM-Maize 17, UM-Blue 24
2:20 Dav-B 49, SA-A 0
2:40 UM-C 19, EMU 12
3:00 UM-A 0, Dav-A 36
3:20 UM-B 36, SA 14
3:40 Dav-B 52, EMU 0

Michigan Tries: Nelson Worner 6, Nick Lazurka 4, Chening Duker 4, Christian Mentzer 4, Terence Taylor 3, Evan Noon 3, Sequoyah Burke-Combs 2, Grady Bridges 2, John Palladino 2, Zach Kendall 2, Dave Hiltzik 2, Joel Conzelmann 1, Matt Pilon 1, Jared Bosma 1, Ben Clemens 1, Evan Rourke 1, Neal Slabbekoorn 1

Michigan Conversions: Bridges 7, Noon 7, John Palladino 2, Brandon Gardner 1, Jared Bosma 1

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