Bridges, Conzelmann, Burke-Combs Garner Big Ten Selections

Conzelmann (first row, first on left), Bridges (first row, fourth from left), and Burke-Combs (laying) stood out to Big Ten selectors.

Grady Bridges and Joel Conzelmann were named to the Big Ten Sevens Second Team while Sequoyah Burke-Combs was named Honorable Mention. Michigan went 3-2 at the tournament with wins over Indiana, Northwestern, and Nebraska while dropping games against Ohio State and Michigan State.

Grady Bridges is a 5th year senior from New Buffalo, MI who has played flyhalf for the club in both 15s and 7s. Bridges accumulated 21 points on the day to lead the U of M team in scoring.

Joel Conzelmann is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, MI who plays fullback in 15s and prop in 7s. The 5’10”, 190lb Conzelmann was a consistent worker at set pieces, breakdowns, and in the defensive line.

Sequoyah Burke-Combs is a sophomore from Ann Arbor, MI who plays wing in 15s and wing and center in 7s. Burke-Combs recorded four tries on the day while tying for the team lead in tackles at 12.

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  1. Evan "Elmo" Pratt

    Go Blue!

    I watched the live feed of Big 10 Sevens, along with the earlier OSU match, and took pride in being part of Michigan Rugby. Particularly the dominance of the OSU scrum in 15s, even when a man down!!

    Our team discipline and on field behavior during adversity is an exceptional sign that club members will go on to lead very successful professional careers. Staying focused on what you can control always leads to success, and every olde blue I have talked to sees this season and your play as a success. The W’s will continue to come.


    Evan “Elmo” Pratt

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