SISU™ Mouthguard March Player of the Month: Guy Burke




Guy “buddy” Burke has been a member of this team since his freshman year. This is his second career time winning player of the month. Buddy has been a key member of the squad, playing in the vital scrumhalf role. Keep up the good work Buddy!

Name: Guy “Buddy” Burke
 5′ 8″


Dexter, MI

Why Rugby?

Rugby is a sport that will always make me push myself. It requires maximum metal and physical focus and strength

What have you liked about Michigan rugby the most so far?

The constant drive to be better

Most memorable moment on the pitch?

Winning the Michigan cup in the spring of 2016. It was a long day of rugby and incredibly rewarding.

What’s your favorite rugby drill in practice? Least Favorite?

My favorite drill is fatigue passing :) and least favorite is fatigue passing. Its a love and hate relationship

What other sports have you played?

I’ve played soccer and water polo

In 5 years what do you see yourself doing?

I want to get involved in renewable energy so hopefully I will be working in the National Renewable Energy Laboritory or some way to incorporate sustainability to chemistry.

What’s an embarrassing childhood memory you can share with us?

Whenever I get this question I never know what to say. I’ve definitely just locked all embarrassing memories in a mind vault. Although I remember from ages I think 4-10 I can’t remember going out to a meal with my family without knocking over at least one drink.

Favorite place in Ann Arbor?

The arb. I love nature.

Biggest Fear?


Favorite food/meal?

I love me some good old traditional style pizza

Any game-day superstitions?

No but I just try not to psych myself out

Favorite superhero and why?

Any that can teleport (Nightcrawler) it’s by far the best power

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Embrace the suck

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