SISU™ Mouthguard May Player of the Month: Jack Vecchio


Another freshman to win the SISU Player of the Month award, Jack “Smooth Jazz” Vecchio has done really well this spring season. As the younger brother of our February alumnus of the month, Jack has rugby in his blood. Read below to find out more about Jack. Congratulations Smooth Jazz!


Name: Jack Vecchio

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 230

Year: Freshman, Class of 2020

Major: Aerospace Eng

Hometown: San Diego

Why Rugby?
I grew up watching all of my brothers play rugby, so senior year I gave it a try and loved playing.

What have you liked about Michigan Rugby so far?
The community of players, they have all made me feel so welcomed and they are all fun and awesome people to hangout with.

Most memorable moment on the pitch?
The sues playoff game against Canham, in the end we lost but it was still a really awesome game and I really enjoyed playing with my inter squad team.

What’s your favorite rugby drill in practice? Least Favorite?
My favorite drill is the small sided scrimmages we played in the spring, where we also had the small field grids. My least favorite drill is fatigue passing.

What other sports have you played?
Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
Hopefully in Grad school

What’s an embarrassing childhood memory you can share with us?
One day it was raining so my brother and I tried to play baseball indoors..  my parents weren’t too happy about that.

When I was younger, we had two dogs and more than once I tried their food because my brothers convinced me it tasted good.

Favorite place in Ann Arbor?
The arb, in the spring Tuna, Davis, Tanner, and I would walk through it to get to practice because its so nice and quiet.

Biggest fear?
Insects, not a fan of them, especially flying insects.

Favorite food?
Buffalo Wilds Wings, traditional honey bbq wings

Any game-day superstitions?
I always wore the same dark gray socks under my game socks. (Obviously i washed them between each game day)

Favorite Superhero and why?
Batman, because he’s just an average dude fighting crime, he doesn’t have any real super power.

Best Advice?
Something my dad always says, “Half of life is showing up” always motivates me to get up and go to class or go study even when I’m really not feeling it.

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