Michigan 1 – 0 in the Big 10

After a rocky preseason that culminated in a win for the wolverines over Grand Valley, the wolverines kicked off their Big 10 season this past Saturday with two games against Purdue University.


Top 23

The wolverines started out the game aggressively, playing the first few minutes entirely within Purdue’s half of the field. After some long runs from Davis Grimm, Jamie Demers, Liam Clancy and others, as well as some well placed kicks from Guy Burke, Michigan was still unable to get a score.  After a botched pass off a scrum from Purdue leads to a great run by Nate Fisher, the wolverines drew a penalty near the goal line. Michigan put together some hard fought phases near the try zone to finally allow Alex Carson to dot down the first try of the game. After a long time of back and forth play where neither team managed to score, Purdue made a break down the sideline for the try. This put the score at 5 – 5. Shortly after this, a Purdue player kicked a nice grubber that was scooped up by a teammate and passed once more before the score was made. The kick was good, score at 5 – 12. After running a ton of offensive phases, the wolverine’s own Pierre Flin made a great run and quick offload to Liam “Tuna” Clancy who scored the ball after a tremendous effort to be there in support. The kick was no good, making the score 10 – 12 Purdue. After their kick, Purdue kept the ball within the Wolverine’s 22 and eventually gained possession of the ball. After a (questionable as usual) penalty, they elected to kick for points. The kick was good, making the score 10 – 15. The wolverines managed to score before half after a nice line from Jack Vecchio who made a nice offload to Lyric Kleber, who touched it down for 5 points. Justin “Mouse” Malin made the conversion to put the Wolverines ahead, score being 17 – 15. The game remained scoreless in the second half for quite some time, helped along by some questionable refereeing. Colin Walters finally manages to get the ball on the edge shortly after a Michigan scrum and scores the ball for Michigan making the score 22 – 15. Purdue quickly marched down the field and scored to make the game 22 – 20. The game ended with a held up try after a tremendous effort from Michigan’s defense on the goal line. Great job Top 23!


Final Score: 22 – 20


1: Alex Carson

2: Lyric Kleber

3: Davis Grimm

4: Mahmoud ElNaggar

5: Jamie Demers

6: Travis Dantzer

7: Ian Kwant

8: Jack Vecchio

9: Justin Malin

10: Guy Burke

11: David Caputo

12: Tomer Chen

13: Nate Fisher

14: Liam Clancy

15: Pierre Flin

16: Connor Jones

17: Jake Bodner

18: Will Biel

19: Jason Anthony

20: Ben Cotsarelis

21: Jordan Perez

22: Colin Walters

23: Eoin Sansevero

View the full Top 23 Match here:




Academy Side


The Academy game was a lot higher scoring at 43 – 17 Michigan. Tries were scored by Jake Bailey, Jordan Perez, Pierce Hourihane, Nick Campbell, and Ben Cotsarelis. Jordan Perez had 3 tries to himself after playing an incredible game for the Academy. Eoin Sansevero also played a great game and kicked a conversion. Truman Stovall kicked 3 conversions and showed that he is a real contender for the top 23.  Great job to the academy side!


Final Score: 43 – 17


1: Will Hammer

2: Jake Bodner

3: Connor Jones

4: Ben Cotsarelis

5: Austin Wutt

6: Will Biel

7: Ian Kwant

8: Jake Bailey

9: Jordan Perez

10: Eoin Sansevero

11: Pierce Hourihane

12: Truman Stovall

13: Nick Campbell

14: Dylan Aikens

15: Lucas Dean

16: Sarkis Dagley

17: Sean Stone

18: Matthew Patzer

19: Jordan Myers

20: Sam Glasberg

21: Josh Song

View the full Academy side game here:


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