S & C

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ – Aristotle

Mission Statement

To provide the most effective strength and conditioning program in collegiate rugby, relentlessly striving to enhance student athletes’ performance in order to succeed at the highest levels of Division I competition.


The philosophy of the UMRFC Strength and Conditioning program centers around the use of rugby-specific ground-based triple extension exercises with a concurrent focus on HIIT conditioning. Peer reviewed literature is scrutinized to apply the most credible scientific findings to all aspects of program design and exercise prescription.

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Note: Michigan Rugby is in a transitionary period of our Strength and Conditioning. Below is a bio of a previous (and phenomenal) S&C coach who has since moved on to a D1 program at Marquette University. We wish Stu all the best at Marquette and will be forever grateful for his contributions to this club. Updates about …

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We have not been doing tracked testing for strength and conditioning lately. The “current” part of the below chart is referring to 2014. The All-Time records are still relevant though! Updates to come on our plans for tracked fitness and strength! — Ben Cotsarelis “Tower”, Web Admin   1RM Deadlift 1RM Bench Press Illinois Agility Test …

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Example Programs

Below are four example programs that focus on different aspects of weight training. In a basic training plan players will first prepare themselves for an increased workload. If necessary the player may wish to gain lean mass through a hypertrophy or ‘bulking’ phase before focusing on strength and finally power as the season approaches. You …

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Nutrition, Hydration, and Supplementation

Rugby and training for rugby demands a lot of the body. It is important to provide your body with the correct energy and nutrients to recover between training sessions and to maximize training induced adaptations. Below are a number of documents that focus on the basics of nutrition, hydration and supplementation. Thanks to the IRFU …

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Below you will find a number of research articles regarding strength and conditioning, nutrition and supplementation. This portion of the website will be continually updated to bring you the most pertinent information about training for rugby. Gatorade Sports Science Institute – Sports Science Exchange GSSI – Caffeine and Exercise Performance GSSI – Carbohydrate Supplementation During …

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