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Example Programs

Below are four example programs that focus on different aspects of weight training. In a basic training plan players will first prepare themselves for an increased workload. If necessary the player may wish to gain lean mass through a hypertrophy or ‘bulking’ phase before focusing on strength and finally power as the season approaches.

You will be able to find videos of the lifts included in these programs on the Michigan Rugby YouTube channel.

Clicking on the links below will download the document to your computer’s desktop or downloads folder.

1 Preparation

2 Hypertrophy

3 Strength

4 Power

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  1. Caio


    My name is Caio and I’m from Brazil. I play rugby for my college too and you have great stuff here in your website. You should provide more example programs, it is one of the best programs that I’ve ever found, it’s simple and seem to be efficient.
    Hope this will help me and my teammates in our season.

    Best regards from Brazil!


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