Support the Club

Thank You

The support we have received from our Alumni, Families and Fans this year has been incredible.

We have been able to improve the club in numerous and important ways (more on that below). Critically, we reached our 50k goal that has allowed us to start a University Endowment – a fund that will continue to grow each year and help us secure an even greater future for the club.

We still need your help to reach that future so please support us in building a better club for those to come! Please give what you can!

50 for 50 Initiative

The ’50 for 50′ program is a simple idea: to achieve 50 people giving $50 to the club each month. This will allow us to fund some of our most essential costs such as:

Coaches’ salaries:

We are extraordinarily lucky to have Coaches that put a great amount of work into improving the club and developing our teammates both as athletes and as men. The 50 for 50 program will help us maintain a team of great and diverse coaches.


We are committed to keeping dues low and supporting player to make sure that anyone who wants to play can. We keep dues (and have for a while now) at $240 a semester which help Rugby remain an inclusive sport at the University of Michigan where other sports can charge in excess of $2000.

Improvements across the club and beyond:

Each year we work to improve the club in many areas. We look to improve our training gear, training technology, medical supplies and produce better service to our fans, supporters and Alumni – like our Legacy Kit, Hall of Inspiration, and the always entertaining ‘Freshman 15’ feature on team app.

The future:

We will also invest some of our funds into our endowment to help build a sustainable, and ever growing club. This will help us remain a great rugby program 5, 10 and 50 years from now.

Thank You to all our 2014/15 donors!

This year with your support, we have managed to make some great changes such as:

  • Bring a trainer to practices as well as games to help prevent and care for injuries
  • Bring 50 girl & boys from the at risk Washington DC Youth Rugby to the CRC to see us crush UCLA!
  • Create an online store to make it easier to show support for the club, especially for fans outside Ann Arbor and the USA.

Specific Gifts

If you would like to get a better idea of the club needs, below is a list of specific items that help the club operate. Without your support, the players will be responsible for all items. You can help the players by targeting specific items. Everything helps and 100% of your contributions go to the club. When donating, enter the value in the form that appears. Thank you for your support. Go Blue!

Suggested Player Gifts
$400 = Yearly Dues
$100 = Cleats
$80 = Kit Bag
$50 = Scrum Cap
$40 = CIPP Payment
$35 = Practice Jersey
$25 = Shorts
$20 = Ball
$15 = Socks
$10 = Mouthguard
$5 = Halftime Oranges
$1 = Roll of tape

Suggested Club Gifts
$3000 = Bus Trip
$1000 = Night in Hotel
$350 = Coaching Clinic
$300 = Pop-up Canopy Tent
$250 = 20 Training Bibs
$250 = Sevens Tournament Entry Fee
$200 =  2 Tackle Pads
$100 = 4 Speed Ladders
$50 = Trainer attending 1 practice

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Michigan Rugby at Omaha Beach. This trip was made possible by alumni donations.