UMRFC Tour 2013 – Trinidad and Tobago

Rugby 5th May


UMRFC is proud to announce our annual spring rugby tour. We’ve got an exciting set of matches set up for the week and the whole team is looking forward to bringing Soiled Meat and Sand to the pitches of Trinidad. The games will start off on Sunday March 3rd with UMRFC’s B side facing off against the National Select U19’s of Trinidad and Tobago. This game will be followed up by Michigan’s A side going head to head with the President Select 15’s team. The club is honored and incredibly excited to be playing 2 teams with such prestigious national accolades and the players cannot wait to play against such high-quality opponents. The team will then participate in a 7’s style tournament on Tuesday fielding 2 teams against teams composed of the National Defense Force, Police, U19’s select team and President’s select team. The UMRFC’s final match of the trip will be against the Trinidad and Tobago Enthusiasts RFC over 35’s team. It’s certainly a very exciting lineup and the team eagerly anticipates facing off against national talent outside of the U.S. Throughout the trip the team will also be doing service and continuing a proud tradition of volunteer work while on tour. A large part of the atmosphere that makes rugby such a phenomenal sport is camaraderie, and the club contributes to this spirit by doing work in their off-time on tour to help out in whatever way it can. This year the club will be doing work with the Red Cross and will be making several school visits to do community service in Trinidad and Tobago. Players will be doing construction work and helping out where needed for the Red Cross. This work will continue in the teams ongoing commitment to service and community involvement.

Tour is a traditional part of the rugby team. It is a great bonding and learning experience for every member that takes part. Players get to see the culture and competitive scene that surrounds the sport in countries around the world. It’s also a great chance for players to learn about the culture of the nation they are visiting and build a bond with ruggers from across the world. It is these ideals that the club will take with it to Trinidad and Tobago looking for great rugby, great players, and great experiences.

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